Sequoia Select Extended Length Vinyl Siding

logo_squoiaWith its beautifully uniform finish and smooth shadow lines, Sovereign Select Extended Length creates a distinctly upscale appearance. The extra-long length of this ultra-premium siding reduces the number of panel overlaps while showcasing superb craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the first glance, Sovereign Select Extended Length exudes quality and elegance unmatched by ordinary 12′ sidings.

With Sequoia Select Extended Length you can achieve a superbly crafted finish for your home. This extra-long panel can reduce overlaps by up to 50% compared to standard 12′ siding – creating crisp, smooth walls and uninterrupted shadow lines. Our handsome collection of siding profiles (12′, 16’+ and 24’8″) lets you cost-effectively combine a variety of panel lengths to eliminate or minimize siding overlaps throughout your home’s exterior. The long, elegant profile and uniform finish will convey nothing less than exceptional quality and refinement.

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