Great Barrier Premium Vinyl Siding

logo_great_barrierWith Great Barrier Premium Vinyl Siding, it’s what’s down under that really counts. The proprietary JawsLock® coupling system is always present, under the gorgeous exterior, assuring your vinyl siding will stay locked and straight through all kinds of weather.

Great Barrier Premium Vinyl Siding includes an array of natural colors as well as an expansive collection of darker shades with tremendous homeowner appeal that resist fading and discoloring via our proprietary ColorHold® acrylic technology. 

Additionally, if you are looking for an authentic look found only in special kinds of woods choose premium vinyl siding from The Blends Collection.  Each panel has its own unique woodgrain pattern giving it a special, distinctive character.

With this beautiful assortment of styles and colors, you can create the distinctive home you’ve always imagined.

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